Why (Purposeful) Messaging Matters

Messaging Bubbles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Messaging Bubbles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Our day-to-days are inundated with various sources of messaging - so much so it can feel like a water hose to the face. When there is an over exposure to brands, causes, and calls to action, audiences become overwhelmed, but they don't tune out. Instead, they turn towards the sources of messaging that matter to them.

When a client is looking to make an impact, I always start with my key questions:

1. Who is your audience and how are you speaking with them? 

2. What is the purpose of your messaging?

Every company, creative, start-up, and social-change movement wants to make an impact on ALL people (wouldn't it be great if everyone loved what you did?). But the truth is - you need purposeful messaging to engage the audience that will resonate with your work.

A former boss used to say to me that the 'general population' does not exist. She was so right.

Purposeful messaging requires discretion and inquiry. There is no reason you can't expand your messaging to audiences you have yet to engage, but before you do, you need to understand who they are and why you matter to them.

When engaging an audience we need to ask:
What matters the most to your target audience?
Why would they care about your work?
How can we guide them to feel more invested in the issue?

When we clearly understand the who, how, and why - we are able to create messaging packages that are concise and meaningful. Without using critical-thinking and strategy to determine what resonates with your target audience, you run the risk of diluting your message and stifling your goals.

Messaging is a key component for brands, projects, and organizations to succeed - if you are wondering if you are effectively engaging your audience or if your messaging contains purpose - it is a great time to figure that out. 

Noticed offers messaging strategy sessions for small businesses, creatives, and change-makers. Whether you are just getting your work off the ground or seeking to re-vamp your current brand, Noticed will help you shape and sharpen your target audience and messaging needs.


With over 700 million users posting on Instagram, it is essential for businesses, organizations and public figures to align their posts with their brand. If you are looking to roll up your sleeves and re:brand your account, here are 3 easy steps to help you get there.


This relatively new feature helps you spruce up (and hide) posts that no longer align with your message. Whether these are outdated images that would make better stories or posts that have limited engagement - cleaning up the account is a worthwhile activity.You will still get to see the archived photos, but they will no longer be visible to your audience.


There is a lot of value in comments. The most successful Instagram users I know communicate with their followers regularly. I know, you are are a busy lady wanting to spend at least some of your time away from a screen - but leaving and responding to comments shows your followers you care and appreciate that they are following you. 


Though I do not advocate for posting Instagram tiles more than once a day, I do recommend using the stories feature regularly - whether that be daily, hourly, or weekly. Here's the catch - make each post quality. That means posting captivating images/videos with thought-out language and applying features like location, clever emojis, and relevant hashtags. In short: make the tiles super special and the stories even more special.


here it goes.

I had an idea.

I'm embarking on a journey to offer guidance to inspirational people doing inspirational work. The question is, what makes my offering valuable? I could tell you it is my ample amount of experience (both in the US and abroad) or lay out the many successes of my clients. All of this is true and worthy of recognition, but the essence of noticed. boils down to my loyalty and love of what you do.

When I see a client express passion for their work, I become invested in their success. For me, there is nothing more powerful than supporting a person, project, or action that is disrupting the status quo. From art that pushes the boundaries of beauty and heartache, to changemakers bridging the gap between tech and social change - I commit myself to those who are passionate about their craft.

I practice sturdy guidance - when I advise my client to make a decision, I weigh all the potential outcomes and narrow in on the decision that will best serve them. I act as a foundation for their goal setting and achievements, removing distractions from their path so that they can focus and fine-tune the work that matters most.

With endless opportunities to be noticed, it is essential for my clients to know they have a creative and reliable partner in their corner.

My work is inspired by you, let's connect to see how we can grow together.