5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Media (in 5 Minutes or Less)

Image via Blinggo

Image via Blinggo

The wheel turns again, and a new year is upon us. You’ve probably thought about what you’d love to see blossom for your business in 2019, but is your social media ready to take you there?

We’ve got five simple steps to set your Instagram marketing up for success. Don’t worry, this is one New Year’s resolution that won’t break the bank or demand a 5am wake-up. In fact, we bet you can do each item on this list in five minutes or less!

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  1. Archive

You know the catharsis of cleaning out your closet, making that big ol’ pile for Goodwill. How good it feels to hold onto only what you need or love. When’s the last time you tended your social media hygiene? Take a few minutes to go through your profile and archive old posts that no longer fit your brand or serve the direction you’re headed. Archived posts remain accessible to you, but hidden from other users.

Image via SharePointMaven.com

Image via SharePointMaven.com

2. Follow

Search for your most-used hashtags and follow the users who show up. You’ll stay tuned to the latest in your industry, and may even find a new friend, client or collaborator!

3. Upgrade

Making the (FREE!) transition to a Business profile on Instagram gets you access to features like Analytics, Contact Button, Advertising and Adding Links to Instagram Stories. If you already have a Facebook Page for your business, this whole process should take about a minute! To upgrade, click the Settings wheel on your IG and scroll down to Switch to Business Profile. You’ll need to link it to a Facebook Page, and you’ll need to be an administrator to that page. Edit your contact info, and you’re done!

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4. Analyze

Once you’ve upgraded to a Business Profile, you’re ready to analyze! Instagram’s algorithm heavily favors posts that get a lot of engagement at the outset. Use Instagram’s analytics feature to find what times your posts performed best last year, and use that info to schedule future posts. When viewing your profile, click the chart icon in the upper right corner. This feature is available only to business profiles.


5. Contact Noticed.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation, and start the year off with the pros on your team. From strategy to content creation, we’ve got your social media marketing covered. Let’s get you noticed this year!