Values + Vulnerability = Viral Video

Photo by  Mattias Diesel  on  Unsplash

If you’ve been following our blog this spring, you already know the importance of video marketing and your creative juices are flowing with ideas for video content on your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. But what about your website? The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video*. Today we’ll offer insight into two approaches to building your brand with a website video.

The “Anthem Video”

Short and sweet, an anthem video says less about what you do and more about who you are. When people watch it, they FEEL your brand. They see your values, and connect emotionally to your mission. An anthem video may or may not include visuals of your team, services or product. The key is crafting a visual story arc that evokes the essence of your brand.

How do you create a stellar anthem video?

  • Keep it roughly one-minute in length -- potent and poignant.
  • Feature colors, images, and sounds that match your brand persona.
  • Center the storyline around your values rather than an explanation of what you do.


Morning Altars video produced by Noticed. Media

Documentary-style Storytelling

A different and equally valuable approach to promoting your brand, documentary-style videos offer a chance to humanize your brand and clearly present your work. This style can be particularly helpful if you’re branding yourself or your team or your work is deeply connected to your personal story.


  1. Vulnerability is power. Reflect on how you got here -- more than likely, you’ve faced challenges and painful experiences that inspired you to do this work. Take our client Morning Altars for example: Morning Altars emerged as a response to artist Day Schildkret’s own grief after a difficult breakup. In our own way, we can all relate to the experience of broken heartedness. Hearing how someone else has creatively responded to a common challenge activates our empathy and inspires us.
  2. Two to three minutes in length is optimal, giving you time to tell your story without losing your audience.
  3. Include the stories of those your work has touched. This is a great way to celebrate the web created through your impact, and invites us to see ourselves reflected in your clients.

Ultimately, these two styles are complementary and most organizations are best served by using them in combination. So where should you start? Noticed. can help you identify which will best serve your immediate goals, and work with you through the entire production process.

At Noticed., we know investing in an anthem video is a powerful (and sometimes intimidating) step in the growth of your business. We’re here with you and your story every step of the way.