Power to the People: Visual Storytelling, Part 2

Image via digitalfaces.net

Image via digitalfaces.net

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Today more than ever, the media is in the hands of the people. In 30 days, we upload more video content to the internet than major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.

For grassroots organizations, values-driven businesses and social entrepreneurs, this is something to celebrate! The power to reach your audience with visual storytelling and compelling video marketing is in your hands, and in many cases, within the capacities of your smartphone.

Part 2: YouTube & Facebook


CONTEXT: YouTube is like a library. Your audience likely visits YouTube seeking information as well as entertainment. Establishing a cohesive, informative and engaging YouTube channel can build your brand’s presence while supporting the impact you want to have in the world.

IMPACT: What challenges do you aim to solve with your work? Are you an influencer? Nonprofit? Values-driven business? Entrepreneur? Creative? The way you engage will depend on your intentions and goals.

BRAND: Remember to be true to your brand with both content and style.

A Note on Quality

Unlike Instagram Stories, viewers will expect your content to be more polished. If you’ll be creating your own videos, take the time to design your set and ensure a baseline level of quality. While your mobile devices, computer or basic DSLR may capture adequate visual quality, you’ll likely need to invest in quality audio. Even a basic shotgun microphone under $100 can make a big difference in connecting with your audience. Depending on your project, you may opt to hire a professional to take care of quality production so you can focus on content.

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Decide what types of investment make sense for you and your brand and remember, Noticed. is here to help.

Ways to Utilize YouTube

1. Anthem video

This is your ‘theme song’, so to speak. These videos help your audience get a clear sense of who you are and what you offer (ideally in two minutes or less). If you’re an influencer this may be an introduction or reel. A solid anthem video is worth investing in, and may be shared across platforms. Stay tuned -- we’ll be sharing more in our next blog about why and how to create an effective anthem video.

2. Series

Creating a series means less time deciding what to create and more time giving your viewers a cohesive and engaging experience. Need ideas? Here's a few to get you started:

  • How-to videos

  • Introductions to people on your team or clients you work with

  • Testimonials

  • Footage from events

  • Project updates

Don’t feel confined to this list -- get creative! Think about your unique offering and what kinds of videos will contribute to your target audience.


Image via business2community.com

Image via business2community.com

You’ve strategized. You’ve invested. You’ve created videos that amplify your impact and engage your audience. Don’t overlook Facebook as a platform to get them out there.

Facebook users collectively watch an average of 8 billion videos and 100 million hours of video per day. Here’s a few tips to get you in the game:

  • Uploading directly to Facebook multiplies your reach by 10 times, compared to videos posted as YouTube links. Facebook-based videos will start playing automatically (on silent) in people’s feeds.
  • Use a caption that gives some context and entices viewers to watch. Don’t give too much away.
  • Make the first four seconds count. They’ll make the difference between pausing to view and scrolling onward.
  • Account for “drop-off” -- videos around one- to two-minutes in length perform best. After two minutes, you’re likely losing most of your audience (even if they’re into your video!). If your video is longer, consider making a trailer so your most important content gets attention.
  • Include a Call to Action in your description. Do you want them to come to an event? Book a session? Sign a petition? Their eyes are on you -- ask for what you want.


Ready to see your message come to life? From storyboard to strategy, Noticed. is on your team.

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