3 Questions + Tips to Transform Your Content from Burden to Boost

Between running the day-to-day of your business, keeping an eye on long-term vision, and finding time for self-care and connection, where do you find the time to create content and engage your audience on social media? At Noticed., we know our clients are focused on creating a world that works for all (including them!). 

We're here to help transform social media from a confusing burden to an empowering tool.

Whether you’re designing your first social media strategy or ready for a refresh, here are some guiding questions (and tips!) for a media presence that leverages the work you’re already doing, serves your mission and builds resilience through the interconnection.

1. What is my desired impact?

Your main motivation isn’t another 1000 followers; it’s your contribution to the world. Create content with this in mind and rather than viewing social media as another project to worry about, orient to how it can directly serve your project’s mission and offer value to your followers. If your organization works to end the prison industrial complex, you might use social media to promote local justice reform efforts or use storytelling to highlight the humanity of incarcerated folx. Be a resource your followers look forward to engaging with.


2. What am I already doing that's one step away from becoming content?

Make it easy for yourself! Have you just spent hours writing a grant proposal? You’ve already done the work of presenting your project, so share a potent line on Instagram with a photo of your team in action. Drafted a petition for your cause? Screenshot it with a link for online signatures.

You're an educational pop-up kitchen who revels in your weekly farmers market visits? Snap a photo of that Romanesco broccoli and tempt us with a hint of your recipe plan. Or maybe your favorite part of the market is chatting with your local farmers -- introduce us in a short video and tag them (see #3)! We all love a good peek behind-the-scenes. Take what you’re already making one step further to become shareable content.



3. Who can I collaborate with?

Identify your accomplices and industry crushes and make a date to strategize.

Content creation doesn't need to be lonely. When you team up and cross-pollinate, your work will be more fun, you’ll both reach a wider audience, and you’ll achieve more than you could alone. Check out this stellar example of a cross-promotion between Red Bay Coffee and their accomplices.

Ready to live into a social media presence that works for you?

This piece was inspired by the work of Social Permaculture Design as taught by Jasmine Fuego and Abrah Dresdale.