The Craft of Persona Branding

With social media, websites, and verbal pitches, there is a fine line between your voice and the voice of your work. Noticed. helps our clients, from organizations to solo entrepreneurs dance between the line of melding their personal voice and the voice of their work.

Feeling lost on how to bring your brand's persona to life? Here are some key questions that will help you get closer to developing and understanding your brand's persona. Navigating how to bring your brand's persona that speaks with your audience takes consideration and planning.

Take a moment to go through this guide to begin or revive your brand's persona.

1. Can you describe your work in three words? Focus on these three words and then ask yourself - are these the foundations of my brand? If yes, move on to questions 2! If no, regroup and uncover the 3 foundational words that encompass your brand.

2. What tone do you want your brand to have? Are you fun loving? Serious? All about pulling those heartstrings? Outline the overarching tone you want to see in all your posts, on your website, in your verbal pitches.

3. What images and colors does your brand inspire? Are you classy and clean? Bright and vibrant? Matching your colors to your tone is a key aspect of building your brand's unique persona.

Still needing more? Here are some quick next steps:

1. Build a brand that has a personality:

Identify a tagline that touches on your mission, but leaves your audience wanting more.

2. Leverage your personal accounts and your brand:

Decide if you will be branding yourself or just your work - both options are valuable and require different approaches. 

3. Build an audience you speak with

Your audience wants to be spoken with, not to. Build a brand persona that sees the humanity in your audience.

4. Hire Noticed. to help navigate your branding persona!

There is a lot of work to be done when building your brand - Noticed. has ample experience in this realm. Contact us today to start your persona-branding journey.