Create Meaningful Media, Don't Overload on the Junk

(Image courtesy of Don Addis)

(Image courtesy of Don Addis)

The media overload is real. Each day we are inundated with promo videos, podcasts, YouTube Stars (swoon), Instagram stories, Facebook posts, ranting Medium blogs, (REAL) news articles, not-so-real news articles, and the never-ending stream of Netflix. It's a lot to take in and a lot to contend with. Even with the media overflow, it is important to add your content to the mix. Why?

Because you have an important message that MUST be shared.

But, before you start dumping all of your photos onto Instagram and tweeting before you think (cough, cough), let's talk about how...

To Make Your Media Meaningful.

At Noticed, our clients are change-makers. From artists shifting how we perceive beauty and permanence, to small businesses making work accessible to addicts and the formally incarcerated - our company is committed to working with people making an impact. This level of work calls for media and content that is just as powerful as your mission.

To help get you there, here are some easy tips to move your media in the most meaningful direction.

1. Tell a compelling story. 

Compelling stories are not always dramatic, often times they are simply well-told. Knowing how to tell your story in a compelling way requires thought, story-building, and understanding your target audience. Before making your media, take some time to build out your narrative - storyboard your upcoming video production, outline your blog flow before writing it, sift and select only the best photos for posting. When you give thought to your content, your audience will feel the difference.

2. Don't be a bot.  

It is so tempting to reproduce your social media content over and over. Why not just have your Instagram and  Facebook be exactly the same? Though this (appears to be) the easy way out, it is the most robotic and sterile. As we interface with our screens more and more, it becomes easier for our audiences to discern between what was created to engage us, and what was created to seduce us. Media that is mass produced is made to get as many likes and clicks as possible. But authentic media that tells a story and inspires the audience contains the power to change the way they think, feel, and act.

3. Be Your Audience.

When consuming media, what do you want to think, feel, and do because of it? As you make your media, put yourself in the seat of your ideal audience and imagine how they may react to your post. If you feel inspired, you are headed in the right direction. If you feel the message falls flat, then reconsider your approach.

The bottomline: Don't make media for the sake of making media, create content that moves and empowers your audience.

Create media that invites your audience to the table where they can willingly feast to their heart's delight. Media is a craft that takes effort, time, and discernment - let Noticed help get you there.