5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Media (in 5 Minutes or Less)

Image via Blinggo

Image via Blinggo

The wheel turns again, and a new year is upon us. You’ve probably thought about what you’d love to see blossom for your business in 2019, but is your social media ready to take you there?

We’ve got five simple steps to set your Instagram marketing up for success. Don’t worry, this is one New Year’s resolution that won’t break the bank or demand a 5am wake-up. In fact, we bet you can do each item on this list in five minutes or less!

Archive Sample.png
  1. Archive

You know the catharsis of cleaning out your closet, making that big ol’ pile for Goodwill. How good it feels to hold onto only what you need or love. When’s the last time you tended your social media hygiene? Take a few minutes to go through your profile and archive old posts that no longer fit your brand or serve the direction you’re headed. Archived posts remain accessible to you, but hidden from other users.

Image via SharePointMaven.com

Image via SharePointMaven.com

2. Follow

Search for your most-used hashtags and follow the users who show up. You’ll stay tuned to the latest in your industry, and may even find a new friend, client or collaborator!

3. Upgrade

Making the (FREE!) transition to a Business profile on Instagram gets you access to features like Analytics, Contact Button, Advertising and Adding Links to Instagram Stories. If you already have a Facebook Page for your business, this whole process should take about a minute! To upgrade, click the Settings wheel on your IG and scroll down to Switch to Business Profile. You’ll need to link it to a Facebook Page, and you’ll need to be an administrator to that page. Edit your contact info, and you’re done!

Copy of Copy of Analytics blog image.png

4. Analyze

Once you’ve upgraded to a Business Profile, you’re ready to analyze! Instagram’s algorithm heavily favors posts that get a lot of engagement at the outset. Use Instagram’s analytics feature to find what times your posts performed best last year, and use that info to schedule future posts. When viewing your profile, click the chart icon in the upper right corner. This feature is available only to business profiles.


5. Contact Noticed.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation, and start the year off with the pros on your team. From strategy to content creation, we’ve got your social media marketing covered. Let’s get you noticed this year!

Feed the Change: 3 Ways to Use Instagram for Social Change

Image via wired.com

Image via wired.com

We all know social media has its downfalls, and its potential for anonymity can bring out some of the worst in humanity. But lately, we’re encouraged by the unique contribution that platforms like Instagram can make in our social movements. The opportunities to hear the stories and perspectives of people outside our typical social circles, to influence public narratives, and to build alliances across space and time make Instagram a powerful resource for social change. Here are a few ways to use it to create the world you want to see:

1: Listen to Marginalized Voices

Even if we follow the news, we rarely hear personal stories of those impacted by current events and long-standing systems of oppression. Following the accounts of individuals, artists and communities who are actively resisting and determining their own futures supports them in reclaiming the power to tell their own stories. Try searching for people to follow using hashtags like #WontBeErased, #qtpoc, #disabled, and #undocumented.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.07.42 PM.png

2: Show your support

When the administration strikes out at a vulnerable group or tragedy hits a community, help to spread awareness (think: reposting from impacted communities with permission) and fill feeds with messages of love and support. Check out this graphic from Oakland-based Movement Generation, part of a series responding to the U.S. administration’s plot to enforce a gender binary:

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.10.41 PM.png

3: Build alliances

Use hashtags to find others around the world doing work aligned with your core values and mission. Message them, follow each other’s work, and explore ways to collaborate on and off social media. Together we can do so much more than when we work in isolation.

Image via thecontextofthings.com

Image via thecontextofthings.com

While face-to-face connection is irreplaceable in our movements and social media can just as easily be used to spread misinformation and hate, we have to acknowledge what’s possible through platforms like Instagram. Wondering how you can use your accounts for social good while staying true to your organization or project’s particular mission?We’re here to help.

Looking Forward

As we gear up for our first anniversary, we’re taking a look back on what we’ve produced over the last year. Here are our top 3 blog posts with tips that we found to be the most useful in propelling your business to the next level.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 1.46.14 PM.png

Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform with over 700 million users, and it can be an essential resource in the growth of your business. In a nutshell, re:branding your Instagram can be achieved by:

  • Using the archive feature to update and curate your account
  • Actively engage with your followers through comments and replies

  • Prioritize both quality AND quantity, in both the tiles on your page and your stories

the craft of persona branding.png

If you are hoping to build a brand persona that engages and inspires, begin by asking yourself:

  • What are three words that encapsulate your work?

  • What tone do you want your brand to have?

  • What kind of images and colors align with your brand?

We want you to build a meaningful brand that has personality; a brand that speaks with, not to, an audience. Noticed. can help you get there.

3 questions + tips to transform your content from burden to boost.png

Posting on social media can sometimes feel like a confusing burden, but we’re here to help you find the ways to leverage the work you do and utilize social media as an empowering tool. Some questions to ask yourself as you conceive of your social media strategy include:

  • What is my desired impact?

  • What am I already doing that’s one step away from becoming content?

  • Who can I collaborate with?

Noticed. can help you develop a social media presence that works for you.

It's been quite a year here at Noticed. and we are thrilled to be able to keep sharing and growing with you. First stop: our anniversary party! Check it out here

Want more tips and tricks? Keep an eye out for many exciting things to come, and get in touch to let us help you meet your goals. 


Values + Vulnerability = Viral Video

Photo by  Mattias Diesel  on  Unsplash

If you’ve been following our blog this spring, you already know the importance of video marketing and your creative juices are flowing with ideas for video content on your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. But what about your website? The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video*. Today we’ll offer insight into two approaches to building your brand with a website video.

The “Anthem Video”

Short and sweet, an anthem video says less about what you do and more about who you are. When people watch it, they FEEL your brand. They see your values, and connect emotionally to your mission. An anthem video may or may not include visuals of your team, services or product. The key is crafting a visual story arc that evokes the essence of your brand.

How do you create a stellar anthem video?

  • Keep it roughly one-minute in length -- potent and poignant.
  • Feature colors, images, and sounds that match your brand persona.
  • Center the storyline around your values rather than an explanation of what you do.


Morning Altars video produced by Noticed. Media

Documentary-style Storytelling

A different and equally valuable approach to promoting your brand, documentary-style videos offer a chance to humanize your brand and clearly present your work. This style can be particularly helpful if you’re branding yourself or your team or your work is deeply connected to your personal story.


  1. Vulnerability is power. Reflect on how you got here -- more than likely, you’ve faced challenges and painful experiences that inspired you to do this work. Take our client Morning Altars for example: Morning Altars emerged as a response to artist Day Schildkret’s own grief after a difficult breakup. In our own way, we can all relate to the experience of broken heartedness. Hearing how someone else has creatively responded to a common challenge activates our empathy and inspires us.
  2. Two to three minutes in length is optimal, giving you time to tell your story without losing your audience.
  3. Include the stories of those your work has touched. This is a great way to celebrate the web created through your impact, and invites us to see ourselves reflected in your clients.

Ultimately, these two styles are complementary and most organizations are best served by using them in combination. So where should you start? Noticed. can help you identify which will best serve your immediate goals, and work with you through the entire production process.

At Noticed., we know investing in an anthem video is a powerful (and sometimes intimidating) step in the growth of your business. We’re here with you and your story every step of the way.

*Source: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2017/03/08/video-marketing-statistics

Join Our Growing Team

HIRING: Join our Media and
Management Team!


That's right...we are expanding! 

Noticed is a rapidly growing boutique media and management firm centered on social change. This woman-led company is seeking a confident-confidant to support the business in its next level of growth. Since the founding in 2017, Noticed has serviced over 20 clients working in the fields of art + music, social change, and legislative campaigns. This role will directly support the Founder and be integral in expanding Noticed's client engagement and business growth.

About the role:
-Provide support for clients (arranging events, conducting check-in calls, and other tasks)
-Promote and sustain Noticed's online presence (social media, blog, and new opportunities)
-Field new client inquiries
-Support Founder in expanding the business
-Conduct day-to-day tasks (i.e. planning meetings, crafting proposals, and posting content)

About you:
-Have a passion for media and communications
-Looking to disrupt the status quo
-Interest and experience with content development
-Down to think big and take action
-Humble and communicative
-Outgoing and see the value of networking

About the rate:
-Start June 1 (or sooner)
-Remote (Bay Area preferred)
-3 month contract with long-term potential
-5-10 hours per week
-Hourly rate based on experience

Next step:
Send a cover letter and resumé to shoshanna@noticedpr.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Power to the People: Visual Storytelling, Part 2

Image via digitalfaces.net

Image via digitalfaces.net

Psst: click here to catch up on Part 1 of our guide, focused on Instagram!

Today more than ever, the media is in the hands of the people. In 30 days, we upload more video content to the internet than major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.

For grassroots organizations, values-driven businesses and social entrepreneurs, this is something to celebrate! The power to reach your audience with visual storytelling and compelling video marketing is in your hands, and in many cases, within the capacities of your smartphone.

Part 2: YouTube & Facebook


CONTEXT: YouTube is like a library. Your audience likely visits YouTube seeking information as well as entertainment. Establishing a cohesive, informative and engaging YouTube channel can build your brand’s presence while supporting the impact you want to have in the world.

IMPACT: What challenges do you aim to solve with your work? Are you an influencer? Nonprofit? Values-driven business? Entrepreneur? Creative? The way you engage will depend on your intentions and goals.

BRAND: Remember to be true to your brand with both content and style.

A Note on Quality

Unlike Instagram Stories, viewers will expect your content to be more polished. If you’ll be creating your own videos, take the time to design your set and ensure a baseline level of quality. While your mobile devices, computer or basic DSLR may capture adequate visual quality, you’ll likely need to invest in quality audio. Even a basic shotgun microphone under $100 can make a big difference in connecting with your audience. Depending on your project, you may opt to hire a professional to take care of quality production so you can focus on content.

Did you know Noticed. offers video production? Check out these videos we've produced with our clients:

Decide what types of investment make sense for you and your brand and remember, Noticed. is here to help.

Ways to Utilize YouTube

1. Anthem video

This is your ‘theme song’, so to speak. These videos help your audience get a clear sense of who you are and what you offer (ideally in two minutes or less). If you’re an influencer this may be an introduction or reel. A solid anthem video is worth investing in, and may be shared across platforms. Stay tuned -- we’ll be sharing more in our next blog about why and how to create an effective anthem video.

2. Series

Creating a series means less time deciding what to create and more time giving your viewers a cohesive and engaging experience. Need ideas? Here's a few to get you started:

  • How-to videos

  • Introductions to people on your team or clients you work with

  • Testimonials

  • Footage from events

  • Project updates

Don’t feel confined to this list -- get creative! Think about your unique offering and what kinds of videos will contribute to your target audience.


Image via business2community.com

Image via business2community.com

You’ve strategized. You’ve invested. You’ve created videos that amplify your impact and engage your audience. Don’t overlook Facebook as a platform to get them out there.

Facebook users collectively watch an average of 8 billion videos and 100 million hours of video per day. Here’s a few tips to get you in the game:

  • Uploading directly to Facebook multiplies your reach by 10 times, compared to videos posted as YouTube links. Facebook-based videos will start playing automatically (on silent) in people’s feeds.
  • Use a caption that gives some context and entices viewers to watch. Don’t give too much away.
  • Make the first four seconds count. They’ll make the difference between pausing to view and scrolling onward.
  • Account for “drop-off” -- videos around one- to two-minutes in length perform best. After two minutes, you’re likely losing most of your audience (even if they’re into your video!). If your video is longer, consider making a trailer so your most important content gets attention.
  • Include a Call to Action in your description. Do you want them to come to an event? Book a session? Sign a petition? Their eyes are on you -- ask for what you want.


Ready to see your message come to life? From storyboard to strategy, Noticed. is on your team.

Featured Image via origamilogic.com

Power to the People: Visual Storytelling

Image via ecohustler.co.uk

Image via ecohustler.co.uk

Today more than ever, the media is in the hands of the people. In 30 days, we upload more video content to the internet than major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years.

For grassroots organizations, values-driven businesses and social entrepreneurs, this is something to celebrate! The power to reach your audience with visual storytelling and compelling video marketing is easy to reach, and in many cases, within the capacities of your smartphone.

Work it.

Before you hit record, drafting a little strategy
will go a long way.

While much of your video content may be transferable across platforms, being mindful of the particular platform you’re using will allow you to best harness the opportunities it offers and be well-received by your audience. Not sure what’s out there or where to start?

Noticed. has got your back with this guide to video marketing on social media.

With each platform you engage, consider these factors:

  • What is the context of this platform?
    • Consider the video formats (read: creative opportunities!) offered by this particular platform. Do a little research into why your audience visits that platform and keep in mind what types of content they’ll be receptive to.
  • What’s the challenge/solution?
    • Stay focused on your mission and desired impact. Create video content that supports these goals.
  • How will my content reflect my brand persona?

Part 1: 

instagram logo.png

Let’s take a look at how these factors apply to Instagram.

Research shows that by and large, people visit Instagram for recreation. Take this opportunity to relate to your audience with a greater playfulness than offered by other platforms such as LinkedIn. Because your Instagram audience is likely in a casual mindset, this is a great platform for a behind-the-scenes look at your team, your process, or your organization’s content.

Instagram offers two ways to deliver video marketing: Stories and timeline videos. Keep your brand persona and desired impact at the forefront, and allow these formats to inspire your creative voice.

Image via  r  ollinghills.org


Stories are an opportunity to share a series of photos or videos that feature at the top of your followers’ feeds with a lifespan of 24-hours. In light of the new Instagram algorithm that no longer arranges a feed based solely on time of posting, Stories offer a way to keep your content in front of your audience regardless of your posting frequency.

Ways to Use Stories

  • Introduce a member of your team
  • Show a day-in-the-life of your work
  • Make a limited time offer (valid within the span of the story) -- keep followers coming back to your stories to catch deals
  • Have an influencer “take over” for a day or a week
  • Promote your latest product or campaign

Want to share something text-based? Stories can help you break down your content into bites your audience can easily devour. Noticed. put this into practice last month to share our blog with you:

Follow  @noticedmedia on Instagram to catch the latest news, tips and inspiration.

Follow @noticedmedia on Instagram to catch the latest news, tips and inspiration.

Logistics to keep in mind:

  • Film vertically

Unlike your timeline, Stories dimensions are 1080p by 1920p. Filming vertically will ensure the most immersive, full-screen experience for your viewers.

  • Saving to highlights

While your story will disappear after 24-hours, you have the option to share it as a post in your timeline and/or save to your highlights, an archive on your profile. Be sure to save the last story first so it will remain in the intended order.

  • Hashtags

Using hashtags in stories will make your story appear when users search for relevant tags. Pro tip: hide your hashtags behind an emoji that fits your brand.

Now onto the format you may be more familiar with --


IG now allows up to 1 minute videos on your timeline, and they don’t have to be square.

With your timeline videos, quality goes a long way. Though Instagram may be a more casual and recreational platform than some others, casual doesn’t mean you can’t also be polished and share high-quality content. Understand your abilities and limitations when it comes to creating compelling visuals, and be willing to invest in professional support when appropriate.

content well-suited for timeline videos:

  • Short commercials
  • Promotions for upcoming workshops
  • Timelapses of projects you’re working on or your production process
  • Brief interviews with staff, clients or community members impacted by your work
  • Product tours -- simple, hands-on demos of your product being used
  • Sharing clips of content you’re already creating

Remember last month’s blog on content strategy? Leverage what you’re already making, whether it’s footage from a recent keynote by your organization’s director, clips from recent performances at your mission-driven venue, or a video pan of the letters to representatives your organization has collected on behalf of a cause.

Check out our client Digital Democracy putting this in action:

Contact Noticed. today to make the most of your media power, and stay tuned for Part 2 of our guide coming mid-April!

3 Questions + Tips to Transform Your Content from Burden to Boost

Between running the day-to-day of your business, keeping an eye on long-term vision, and finding time for self-care and connection, where do you find the time to create content and engage your audience on social media? At Noticed., we know our clients are focused on creating a world that works for all (including them!). 

We're here to help transform social media from a confusing burden to an empowering tool.

Whether you’re designing your first social media strategy or ready for a refresh, here are some guiding questions (and tips!) for a media presence that leverages the work you’re already doing, serves your mission and builds resilience through the interconnection.

1. What is my desired impact?

Your main motivation isn’t another 1000 followers; it’s your contribution to the world. Create content with this in mind and rather than viewing social media as another project to worry about, orient to how it can directly serve your project’s mission and offer value to your followers. If your organization works to end the prison industrial complex, you might use social media to promote local justice reform efforts or use storytelling to highlight the humanity of incarcerated folx. Be a resource your followers look forward to engaging with.


2. What am I already doing that's one step away from becoming content?

Make it easy for yourself! Have you just spent hours writing a grant proposal? You’ve already done the work of presenting your project, so share a potent line on Instagram with a photo of your team in action. Drafted a petition for your cause? Screenshot it with a link for online signatures.

You're an educational pop-up kitchen who revels in your weekly farmers market visits? Snap a photo of that Romanesco broccoli and tempt us with a hint of your recipe plan. Or maybe your favorite part of the market is chatting with your local farmers -- introduce us in a short video and tag them (see #3)! We all love a good peek behind-the-scenes. Take what you’re already making one step further to become shareable content.



3. Who can I collaborate with?

Identify your accomplices and industry crushes and make a date to strategize.

Content creation doesn't need to be lonely. When you team up and cross-pollinate, your work will be more fun, you’ll both reach a wider audience, and you’ll achieve more than you could alone. Check out this stellar example of a cross-promotion between Red Bay Coffee and their accomplices.

Ready to live into a social media presence that works for you?

This piece was inspired by the work of Social Permaculture Design as taught by Jasmine Fuego and Abrah Dresdale.

Expanding the Team

Noticed is HIRING a
Media + Communications Coordinator!


Noticed is a rapidly growing boutique communications and PR firm centered on social change. This woman-led company is seeking a confident-confidant to support the business in its next level of growth. Since the founding in 2017, Noticed has serviced over 20 clients working in the fields of art + music, social change, and legislative campaigns. This role will directly support the Founder and be integral in expanding Noticed's client engagement and business growth.

About the role:
-Provide support for clients (arranging events, conducting check-in calls, and other tasks)
-Promote and sustain Noticed's online presence (social media, blog, and new opportunities)
-Field new client inquiries
-Support Founder in expanding the business
-Conduct day-to-day tasks (i.e. planning meetings, crafting proposals, and posting content)

About you:
-Have passion for media and communications
-Looking to disrupt the status quo
-Interest and experience with content development
-Down to think big and take action
-Humble and communicative
-Outgoing and see the value of networking

About the rate:
-Start March 1 (or sooner)
-Remote (Bay Area preferred)
-5-10 hours per week
-Hourly rate based on experience

Next step:
applications closed

The Secret Recipe for Content Creation


Content. We all have it and most of us share it on our favorite platform. Some of us are loyal to Instagram, others can't peel away from Facebook, and more of us are seeing LinkedIn as the go-to. If you have a single social media or blog account, you are by default, a content creator.

We are well-equipped with platforms to share on and overloaded with stuff to talk about.

BUT are we creating content in the best way possible?

We've come a long way from judging people for posting pictures of their food (seriously though, those same people are now making money from their snaps). 

There are some people who nail content creation and dissemination (looking at you Kiran Gandhi). But most of us, even the most passionate of us, can fall short in our pursuit to be followed, liked, and ultimately, seen.

So...what does it mean to be a content creator and to be good at it? 

The bottom line - BE TRUE TO YOUR BRAND. Whether you are a communications manager for a nonprofit or an influencer paving your own path - your content should be honest to the work you do and how you want to be perceived in this world.

Producing content isn't simply about making your feed look busy, it is about sharing messages and information that mean something to you and to your audience. Content creation does not mean clutter - it is (wait for it...) a creative opportunity.

Before you rush out there and start posting clutter on your mediums, take a moment to:

1. Think about what content inspires you and why - knowing what moves you to take action, buy a product, or engage with another user will give you insights on the content you want to be creating.

2. Know your ability - are you a better writer? Maybe taking snaps is your thing? Or how about video editing and making a daily vlog? Whatever it is, hone in on your skill(s) and run with it!

3. Strategize and plan content that creatively demonstrates your work. Don't simply throw it all out at once, you worked hard on your content - give it the delivery it deserves.

The Secret Recipe



-a big scoop of timing and planning
-two (or three) pours of creative juice
-a healthy dose of pure authenticity

Need helping making your content creation come to life? We gotcha.





The Craft of Persona Branding

With social media, websites, and verbal pitches, there is a fine line between your voice and the voice of your work. Noticed. helps our clients, from organizations to solo entrepreneurs dance between the line of melding their personal voice and the voice of their work.

Feeling lost on how to bring your brand's persona to life? Here are some key questions that will help you get closer to developing and understanding your brand's persona. Navigating how to bring your brand's persona that speaks with your audience takes consideration and planning.

Take a moment to go through this guide to begin or revive your brand's persona.

1. Can you describe your work in three words? Focus on these three words and then ask yourself - are these the foundations of my brand? If yes, move on to questions 2! If no, regroup and uncover the 3 foundational words that encompass your brand.

2. What tone do you want your brand to have? Are you fun loving? Serious? All about pulling those heartstrings? Outline the overarching tone you want to see in all your posts, on your website, in your verbal pitches.

3. What images and colors does your brand inspire? Are you classy and clean? Bright and vibrant? Matching your colors to your tone is a key aspect of building your brand's unique persona.

Still needing more? Here are some quick next steps:

1. Build a brand that has a personality:

Identify a tagline that touches on your mission, but leaves your audience wanting more.

2. Leverage your personal accounts and your brand:

Decide if you will be branding yourself or just your work - both options are valuable and require different approaches. 

3. Build an audience you speak with

Your audience wants to be spoken with, not to. Build a brand persona that sees the humanity in your audience.

4. Hire Noticed. to help navigate your branding persona!

There is a lot of work to be done when building your brand - Noticed. has ample experience in this realm. Contact us today to start your persona-branding journey.


Create Meaningful Media, Don't Overload on the Junk

(Image courtesy of Don Addis)

(Image courtesy of Don Addis)

The media overload is real. Each day we are inundated with promo videos, podcasts, YouTube Stars (swoon), Instagram stories, Facebook posts, ranting Medium blogs, (REAL) news articles, not-so-real news articles, and the never-ending stream of Netflix. It's a lot to take in and a lot to contend with. Even with the media overflow, it is important to add your content to the mix. Why?

Because you have an important message that MUST be shared.

But, before you start dumping all of your photos onto Instagram and tweeting before you think (cough, cough), let's talk about how...

To Make Your Media Meaningful.

At Noticed, our clients are change-makers. From artists shifting how we perceive beauty and permanence, to small businesses making work accessible to addicts and the formally incarcerated - our company is committed to working with people making an impact. This level of work calls for media and content that is just as powerful as your mission.

To help get you there, here are some easy tips to move your media in the most meaningful direction.

1. Tell a compelling story. 

Compelling stories are not always dramatic, often times they are simply well-told. Knowing how to tell your story in a compelling way requires thought, story-building, and understanding your target audience. Before making your media, take some time to build out your narrative - storyboard your upcoming video production, outline your blog flow before writing it, sift and select only the best photos for posting. When you give thought to your content, your audience will feel the difference.

2. Don't be a bot.  

It is so tempting to reproduce your social media content over and over. Why not just have your Instagram and  Facebook be exactly the same? Though this (appears to be) the easy way out, it is the most robotic and sterile. As we interface with our screens more and more, it becomes easier for our audiences to discern between what was created to engage us, and what was created to seduce us. Media that is mass produced is made to get as many likes and clicks as possible. But authentic media that tells a story and inspires the audience contains the power to change the way they think, feel, and act.

3. Be Your Audience.

When consuming media, what do you want to think, feel, and do because of it? As you make your media, put yourself in the seat of your ideal audience and imagine how they may react to your post. If you feel inspired, you are headed in the right direction. If you feel the message falls flat, then reconsider your approach.

The bottomline: Don't make media for the sake of making media, create content that moves and empowers your audience.

Create media that invites your audience to the table where they can willingly feast to their heart's delight. Media is a craft that takes effort, time, and discernment - let Noticed help get you there.

Why (Purposeful) Messaging Matters

Messaging Bubbles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Messaging Bubbles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Our day-to-days are inundated with various sources of messaging - so much so it can feel like a water hose to the face. When there is an over exposure to brands, causes, and calls to action, audiences become overwhelmed, but they don't tune out. Instead, they turn towards the sources of messaging that matter to them.

When a client is looking to make an impact, I always start with my key questions:

1. Who is your audience and how are you speaking with them? 

2. What is the purpose of your messaging?

Every company, creative, start-up, and social-change movement wants to make an impact on ALL people (wouldn't it be great if everyone loved what you did?). But the truth is - you need purposeful messaging to engage the audience that will resonate with your work.

A former boss used to say to me that the 'general population' does not exist. She was so right.

Purposeful messaging requires discretion and inquiry. There is no reason you can't expand your messaging to audiences you have yet to engage, but before you do, you need to understand who they are and why you matter to them.

When engaging an audience we need to ask:
What matters the most to your target audience?
Why would they care about your work?
How can we guide them to feel more invested in the issue?

When we clearly understand the who, how, and why - we are able to create messaging packages that are concise and meaningful. Without using critical-thinking and strategy to determine what resonates with your target audience, you run the risk of diluting your message and stifling your goals.

Messaging is a key component for brands, projects, and organizations to succeed - if you are wondering if you are effectively engaging your audience or if your messaging contains purpose - it is a great time to figure that out. 

Noticed offers messaging strategy sessions for small businesses, creatives, and change-makers. Whether you are just getting your work off the ground or seeking to re-vamp your current brand, Noticed will help you shape and sharpen your target audience and messaging needs.


With over 700 million users posting on Instagram, it is essential for businesses, organizations and public figures to align their posts with their brand. If you are looking to roll up your sleeves and re:brand your account, here are 3 easy steps to help you get there.


This relatively new feature helps you spruce up (and hide) posts that no longer align with your message. Whether these are outdated images that would make better stories or posts that have limited engagement - cleaning up the account is a worthwhile activity.You will still get to see the archived photos, but they will no longer be visible to your audience.


There is a lot of value in comments. The most successful Instagram users I know communicate with their followers regularly. I know, you are are a busy lady wanting to spend at least some of your time away from a screen - but leaving and responding to comments shows your followers you care and appreciate that they are following you. 


Though I do not advocate for posting Instagram tiles more than once a day, I do recommend using the stories feature regularly - whether that be daily, hourly, or weekly. Here's the catch - make each post quality. That means posting captivating images/videos with thought-out language and applying features like location, clever emojis, and relevant hashtags. In short: make the tiles super special and the stories even more special.


here it goes.

I had an idea.

I'm embarking on a journey to offer guidance to inspirational people doing inspirational work. The question is, what makes my offering valuable? I could tell you it is my ample amount of experience (both in the US and abroad) or lay out the many successes of my clients. All of this is true and worthy of recognition, but the essence of noticed. boils down to my loyalty and love of what you do.

When I see a client express passion for their work, I become invested in their success. For me, there is nothing more powerful than supporting a person, project, or action that is disrupting the status quo. From art that pushes the boundaries of beauty and heartache, to changemakers bridging the gap between tech and social change - I commit myself to those who are passionate about their craft.

I practice sturdy guidance - when I advise my client to make a decision, I weigh all the potential outcomes and narrow in on the decision that will best serve them. I act as a foundation for their goal setting and achievements, removing distractions from their path so that they can focus and fine-tune the work that matters most.

With endless opportunities to be noticed, it is essential for my clients to know they have a creative and reliable partner in their corner.

My work is inspired by you, let's connect to see how we can grow together.